See what our clients are saying about Samantha Byron Counselling.


‘In May 2015 my daughter started seeing Samantha as she was a very angry child. She argued all the time with us and life was difficult. Over the months Samantha talked to her about her issues and helped her overcome her problems by to deal with giving her confidence to deal with the problems she was having. Samantha was kind and friendly and her sessions made my daughter feel relaxed. My daughter always came home happy - Thank you samantha’
— KA
I am a 17 year old teenager and I came to Samantha with various problems and she was very approachable and enabled me to have a space to express how I felt. She is a very good listener and with her experience is always there to give valuable advice. I will keep going to Samantha as her sessions have been very helpful and rewarding
— AP
Recently my teenage daughter visited Samantha as a result of a traumatic experience which caused nightmares. My daughter enjoyed and loved to see Samantha. She found her so approachable and easy to talk to. Her nightmares have now stopped. I have a very, very happy daughter. THANK YOU! I would highly recommend Samantha and have already done so
— SU


Our son was initially reticent about the thought of visiting a counsellor, but this was quickly overcome at his first session when he could see for himself how warm and friendly Samantha is. After each session our son would emerge smiling and full of positive thoughts, with Samantha’s help he has been able to overcome the anxieties he had relating to sleep/nighttime and normal bedtime has been resumed (hooray from us all!)
— AW
Samantha has given my son the safe and neutral space and the confidence to start to express his emotions at a very difficult time of change for him, he looks forward to seeing her and it is definitely starting to have an impact on how he handles situations which cause him anxiety. My son (9) said “I find Sam easy to talk to and she helps me to focus on my temper and come up with ways of making me feel calmer.
— MH
We went to Samantha as our son was having issues with anger and not being able to express his emotions in the right way. She has been great and worked with us all as a family to try and help our son. My son has felt very safe and secure going there
— AM
My 6 year old daughter began seeing Sam after Mum left. Sam has flushed out her issues in gentle ways that are beyond my skill sets as a dad. Exceeded my expectations
— ND
Samantha counselled our 8yr old for 7 months, instantly connecting and earning her trust; great coping mechanisms taught in fun and interactive ways. Highly recommend
— SG
‘My son came to Samantha with anger issues which hugely affected nearly all parts of his young life. Samantha makes a connection where the child feels so at ease and comfort that helps them to talk openly without worry they will be judged. I honestly don’t know where my son would be right now if it wasn’t for this lady. Words of thanks will never be enough
— VS


Samantha is an incredibly empathetic and intuitive counsellor. My sessions with her have allowed me the valuable opportunity to talk and reflect on my issues in a calm welcoming and safe environment. During my time with her I feel I have grown in confidence and in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. I am so very grateful to have found her. Thank you Samantha
— MD
Samantha offers a warm, friendly environment where I feel comfortable and relaxed. She is highly insightful and has helped instill confidence back into me through this difficult time. I always end up leaving her sessions having learnt something new about myself. I highly recommend her
— CP
Attending my first counselling session alone, I have never felt so nervous, not knowing what to expect. Instantly Samantha made me feel relaxed and calm and soon found myself speaking more freely and honestly than I have to anyone. Samantha is helping me deal with issues that I felt scared about and showing me how I can begin to deal with them. I highly recommend Samantha for counselling
— LK
As an adult who has never been to see a counsellor before I was a bit apprehensive but Samantha made me feel at ease so quickly. Her sessions are warm, welcoming and relaxed. It’s a safe space to talk through my issues with zero judgement and thoughtful discussions. Highly recommended
— RL
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